How do I get started with Zoom?

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Zoom is a collaborative online conferencing tool that allows multiple users to communicate at once in an easily accessible way through video and audio conferencing, text chat, whiteboarding, and screen sharing.

How do BPS staff receive a BPS Zoom license?

All BPS staff can request access to a BPS Zoom account. There are basic and Edu Pro accounts. Edu Pro accounts allow for 300 users in a room, polling, and the use of alternative hosts and co-hosts.

Staff must follow the instructions below to create their Zoom account in the BPS account. If you have already created a free account with Zoom, the instructions below will merge your account.
  1. Login to Clever with your BPS email at
If you are unable to access Clever, you can call the BPSTechnology Service Desk (617-635-9200) to ask them to add you to the BPS Zoom account.
  1. Click the Zoom icon.
  2. Follow the prompts to create a Zoom account. If you already have a Zoom account with your BPS email, you will be prompted to merge the accounts.
  3. Check your email to verify your account.

What devices does Zoom work on?

Zoom works on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, or your phone. Make sure that you are running the latest version.

What are some ways that I can use Zoom?

We suggest using the tool if you:

  • Meet frequently online (2x/week) with multiple users (3 or more)
  • Host and record webinars or livestream events
  • Communicate with participants who speak multiple languages
  • Need clear picture/audio quality and captioning for accessibility
  • Host large group meetings where transportation is limited at face-to-face location
  • Want to utilize breakout rooms (available on Basic and Pro accounts)

What's the difference between Zoom and other video conferencing tools, like Google Meet?

Check out the comparison table here!

How can I host or join a meeting?

We recommend reviewing our Zoom Safety Tips.

Participants can join a meeting once they receive the meeting URL.

Where can I get more support to use Zoom?

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