Managing Attendance Intervention Plans

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1. When a student receives a 4th unexcused daily absence (in a single grade term), Aspen automatically creates the attendance intervention plan. This is done during an automated process that runs at 5:32 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The automated process counts unexcused daily absences for the current grade term, up through the previous day.

When a student has a new Attendance Intervention Plan, the alert icon below will show up on the student’s record:

You can find the list of plans for students using a new Plans top tab, and Attendance Interventions side-tab.

This screen lists all Active plans for students in your school, or in your class.

The view previous plans (such as for earlier in the year or for last year), use the Filter menu.

2. Open the Attendance Intervention Plan for a student

Schools are responsible for the information on these tabs:

  • General

Checkbox to Recommend case to be taken to court

(can only be done after 8 unexcused absences, and the court requires at least one parent to have a date of birth entered)

  • Interventions 
    List the interventions you are implementing to return the student to school
  • Journals 

Automatically updated with journal entries that staff have created to document how you’ve reached out to the family. Note, the journal entries that get linked here are those with a reason code of “Attendance”.

  • Evaluation
    Document comments from the family, and your own evaluation of the success of the intervention

You will begin to complete an Attendance Plan by recording the interventions that are being used to help the student return to regular attendance.

3. Identify the Interventions the school has implemented:

4. Aspen will automatically select Attendance journal entries that you have created, and link them to the plan.

You will use the standard Journal feature to record communication with the family on attendance issues. When you create a Journal entry with a reason code of “Attendance”, Aspen will automatically associate it with the Attendance Plan.

Note that it may take up to 3 hours for a new Journal to show up on the plan.

5. If a student reaches 8 unexcused absences, Aspen will assign this plan to your school’s Supervisor of Attendance

At this point, the school may recommend that this case be taken to court by the school’s Supervisor of Attendance. This is done by checking the box “Recommend to take to court” on the General tab, which will send an email notification to the assigned Supervisor of Attendance.

Please note that there are data requirements the court system enforces. 

This tutorial describes those requirements.

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