How to search for a student by name or ID number

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The students used for this demo are fictional. these steps can be done in any Aspen view.

1 On the Pages tab, scroll to the Student Search box.

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2 Type in either the student name or IDSelect Include Archive if you think the record is archived. In the School view, select Secondary Students to include students who have a different primary school. Then click Search.

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3 Scroll down and click the student name to see detail. 

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4 You can also find students on the Student tab. Click Student.

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5 To search by name, type in the student last name (or Last Name, first Name) and click the magnifying glass.

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6 Aspen will put a check mark on the closest search result.

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7 To search by the student ID number, click the Student No field first.

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8 Type the student ID in the search box, and click the magnifying glass.

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