How to Create an Aspen Announcment

Create or Edit an Announcement

Use the Announcements widget to post information about class-, school-, view -, and district-wide news and events. Only individuals with proper privileges can create, edit, and delete announcements.

This box expands to hold any amount of text, but lengthy announcements will shrink the size of the other boxes on the page. On a school page, announcements are sometimes used for Aspen-specific announcements. On a teacher page, announcements can be used for class-specific information and news.

Learn how to allow a user role to create announcements and how to add a widget to a Page.

To create or edit an announcement:

  1. In the Announcements widget, click Edit. The Announcements page appears:
  1. Click New, or highlight an existing announcement and then click Edit. The Announcement pop-up appears:
This pop-up contains two sub- tabs : Content and Visibility. On the Content sub-tab, define the content of the announcement and the start and end dates. On the Visibility sub-tab, determine which users can view this announcement.

  1. On the Content sub-tab, do the following:  
  • Type or edit the Start date, indicating the first day you want the announcement to appear.
  • Type or edit the End date, indicating the last day you want the announcement to appear.
  • Type or edit the text of your announcement in the Content box using the rich text editor.

  1. On the Visibility sub-tab, do the following:
  • At Views, select the checkboxes for the views where the announcements will appear.
Note: Select the Students checkbox if you want students to be able to view the announcement using the Student portal. Select the Family checkbox if you want parents to be able to view the announcement using the Family portal.
  • Additional Filters: determine which schools and staff types can view the announcement. At the Schools field, use All for all users at all schools to view the announcement, or click the Search Icon to display the announcement for only users associated with specific schools. At the Staff Types field, select All for all staff members to view the announcement. Or, to specify the types of staff members you want to view the announcement and select Selected. A pick list of staff types appears.
  • Click Save. The announcement you created or modified appears on the Announcements page.
Note: To change the order of an announcement item, on the Announcements page, select its name to highlight it, then click either Up or Down. To delete an announcement, select it to highlight its name, and then click Delete.

  1. Use the Up and Down buttons to position the announcement
  2. Click Save again on the Announcement widget

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