How to Enter and Post Elementary Grades in Aspen

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1 Click the Gradebook tab.

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2 Choose the class to grade. 

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3 Click the Scores side-tab.

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4 If an option, make sure the view is set to Traditional

5 Choose Post Columns Term from the Grade Columns drop down menu.

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6 Choose the term.

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7 Enter Grades in the rubrics column.

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8 Enter comments

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9 Click the List of Comments Codes if you need to look up the codes.

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10 When you are done entering grades and comments click Post Grades...

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11 Choose the Term you wish to post from the Grade Term drop down menu.

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12 Click the type of grades you wish to post from the Grades to post drop down menu.

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13 Click Ok. That's it. You're done.

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