How to Connect a Mac to BpsStaff/Student

Andrew Horgan Updated by Andrew Horgan

  1. From the AirPort menu located in the upper-right-hand corner of the desktop, select BpsStaff from the list of networks. (Your wireless must be turned on to completed this step.)

  1. Enter your BPS Employee ID in the username field and your BPS password in the password field. Leave Mode set to “Automatic”. If you want to save your login credentials, so you don’t have to enter them each time you connect, select “Remember this network”. Click “OK” to continue.

  1. The first time you connect, you will be asked to accept the server’s certificate. Select “Continue” at the prompt. You will only need to accept the certificate the first time you authenticate to “BpsStaff” network.

  1. Enter your BPS password to make changes to the Certificate Trust settings. Next, click update settings.

  1. Click the wireless icon to verify you are connected to BpsStaff. You should have a check right next to BpsStaff.

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