How to Attach Your Own Grade Scale to Sections or Assignments

Attach Your Grade Scale to Your Sections or Assignments

To use your Grade Scale, the Grade Scale has to be associated with your sections, either by being your Default Grade Scale (Set in Gradebook Preferences), or by being the Grade Scale on section(s), or by being the Grade Scale on an Assignment.

Default Grade Scale

You should have a Default Grade Scale set in your Gradebook Preferences

To set your Default Grade Scale

From User Preferences:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right
  2. Click on Set Preferences
  1. Click on the Gradebook tab
  1. Go to the Averages section (bottom portion of popup window), click on the Grade Scale picklist icon to select your Grade Scale
  2. Click OK
You can also set your Gradebook Preferences from the Settings Icon on your Scores side tab

With the Averages Grade Scale set to the Gradebook Default in your section details, the system will use your Grade Scale when calculating averages

Setting Grade Scale on Section(s)

You may have one Grade Scale set as your Default Grade Scale in your Gradebook Preferences, and want to use a different Grade Scale for specific sections. To do this, in the section details, set the Grade Scale in the Gradebook Settings (for this class) section.

Setting Grade Scale on Assignments(s)

For any assignment, you can select a Grade Scale other than your default Grade Scale or the Grade Scale on the Section Details. To do this, in the Assignment details, select the Grade Scale that you want to use for the specific assignment.

Editing Grade Codes - Modify List

If you need to make changes to your Grade Scale, you can use Modify List.

From the Tools top tab>Grade Scales side tab>Grades sub-tab>

  1. Click on the Options Menu
  2. Select Modify List
  1. Click on the Pencil under the column header of the field you want to change
  1. Make changes
  2. Click on the Green Check to save changes

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