How to Reassign Calendar Days in Aspen

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1 The first step is to open Aspen and make sure you are in the School view

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2 Click the School tab.

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3 Click Calendars

4 Click the correct calendar. Schools with alternate calendars may have two or more options.

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5 Click Dates

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6 Click Options

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7 Click Reassign Schedule Days...

Step 8 image

8 Enter the start date.

Step 9 image

9 Enter the End Date, which is usually the last day of school.

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10 Select the Initial Schedule Day for today. If your school is on a 5 day schedule rotation, and today is Monday, you would select 1. If today is Tuesday, you would select 2, and so on. Click OK

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11 Your calendar days will automatically rotate through your schedule days. Depending on how you handle holidays, you may need to repeat this process if you skip over days in your schedule.

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