Work from Home (WFH) Tips

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  1. Make sure that you have the equipment you need: a laptop or desktop, monitor, adapter, power cord, headphones, work phone, mouse/trackpad, and other items like pens, markers, notebooks, a lift for your computer, and whiteboard/planning paper.
  2. Bring all your team’s documents online into Google Drive and share them with all members of your team. Need a refresher? Check out a Google Drive Tutorial.
  3. At home, find a designated space to work with limited distractions..
  4. Maintain your normal working hours and communicate what those are with your team.
  5. Take regular breaks from the computer - give your eyes a rest, stretch, and move around.
  6. Make sure you are able to connect to WiFi or can be hardwired. If you need to use a hotspot, we recommend using your T-Mobile BPS phone as a hotspot. 
  7. Do daily check ins with your team. Set this as a consistent time and schedule it in your Google Calendar. Request that everyone RSVP.
  8. Hold meetings using a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Hangouts Meet
  9. Create a group text chat to keep each other up to date. We recommend using Google Hangouts but you can also explore Hangouts Chat.
  10. Use the comments feature and tag colleagues in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to alert them about important items that need their attention.
  11. Bookmark (⭐) key websites you need on a regular basis. To manage tabs, consider using the Chrome extensions below.
  • Dualless: view multiple tabs in split screen mode
  • OneTab: condense all critical tabs to reduce browser clutter 
  • Calm: take breaks when needed

Tips curated by Rhianon Gutierrez, BPSTechnology

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