Technology Returns for Transferring & Departing Employees

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What needs to be returned when a staff member leaves or transfers?

All technology containing a hard drive (laptop, desktop, cell phone, tablet, etc) must be returned to BPS Technology for reimaging.

Where should technology be returned to?

Any OIIT staff member at either the Bolling Building or Campbell Resource Center can collect technology and provide an electronic receipt to the employee and RC manager.

Can technology be directly transferred from one employee to another?

Absolutely not; all computers, phones, and tablets must be returned to BPS Technology so that data can be properly archived and destroyed before it is redistributed to another employee. Hard drive contents will be archived according to the City of Boston Records Retention Schedule (here) by the Director of Records management. Once data is archived and destroyed, the RC manager can direct OIIT to redeploy the technology to another employee in their RC.

Does the employee need to provide any passwords?

Employees should never provide passwords, however, employees should remove any pin that is password protecting iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).

It is critical that the departing employee remove their iTunes and/or Google Account before resetting the phone. Phones can be factory reset but still connected to an iTunes/Google account.

What about desk phones?

Desk phones must also be returned to OIIT to have the previous employee line removed and reconfigured to new employees.

Can Google Docs be transferred to another employee?

Yes, BPS Technology can transfer ownership of Google Drive contents from one employee to another at any time. This process will also retain links and sharing permissions.

Can a department staff member take their documents with them?

Yes, any employee can go to to download their data from their BPS account. BPS will always retain this information in archives.

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