How to Use Zoom AI Companion

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What is Zoom AI Companion?

Zoom AI Companion is a tool within Zoom that allows meeting hosts to automatically generate summaries of what is discussed in a meeting. These notes can be generated in numerous different languages.

To enable this feature, log into and click Settings in the left navigation.

  1. Next, click "AI Companion" in the top navigation menu.
  2. Note that the default setting is that Meeting Summary with AI Companion is toggled off. However, individual users may enable this on their meetings.
  3. Once the setting is toggled on, a series of options will appear. Here, you can opt to have AI Companion start automatically for all meetings you host, as well as the ability to include the full summary text in a follow-up email to all meeting attendees. Additionally, you can choose to share this summary only with yourself (the meeting host), yourself and all invitees within BPS, or yourself and all meeting attendees, both inside and outside BPS.
  4. Once you start a meeting as a host, you and your co-hosts will see the Start Summary button in your black Zoom toolbar. Both hosts and co-hosts have the ability to start meeting summaries.
  5. Once the Start Summary button is clicked, the meeting host will receive a notification that the summary is about to be enabled. Meeting attendees will also receive a notification anytime Zoom AI Companion is in use, and they will need to agree to participate before joining the meeting:

NOTE: This feature must be enabled by the meeting host in order to be used. It will not automatically run unless a meeting host sets it up to do so.
NOTE: This feature will only work in Zoom version 5.14.2 and later. To update, please visit and update to the latest version of Zoom.
TIPS: If a Zoom meeting is conducted in multiple languages other than English, Zoom AI Companion will not be able to take notes on those languages. That said, if a meeting is in a single language other than English, Zoom AI Companion can auto-detect that language and take notes accordingly (in English).
WARNING: All participants in a meeting using Zoom AI Companion will need to give consent before participating. If a participant does not consent they will be unable to participate in the meeting.

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