GPA Frequently Asked Questions

Are transfer in courses from another district included in a student’s GPA?

Yes. Transfer courses (T-series course numbers-T05, T10, T20) are included in the GPA calculations.

Which courses are included in the GPA?

All courses with the "Include in GPA" flag are included in GPA calculations for the Academic GPAs. All courses are included in the Athletic GPA calculations.

What grades are ignored in GPA calculations?

Grades that have "NoNumericEquiv" in the final grade scale will be ignored inGPA calculations. As of the writing of this document the current grades with No Numeric Equivalent are: P (P is included in the Athletic GPA), I, UN, MFG.

Even if a course is flagged with "Include in GPA," if a student receives one of the ignored final grades the record will not be included in the GPA calculation.

Refer to the Grade Scale to see which letter grades have No Numeric Equivalent.

How are current year grades calculated in the GPA when I run the Grade Point Averages report prior to final grades for the current year?

For all previous year courses, the final grade is used. For current year courses, each grade term grade is included in the calculation. The weight is based upon the potential credits of a course. The calculated grade points are the numeric value of the term letter grade * the weight of the term.

Example: The Grade Point Averages Report is run after Q3. For full year courses, a student would have three grades-one for Q1, one for Q2 and one for Q3. The potential credit of the course is 1.0 Where there are four terms, each term has a weight of 0.25.

Why can't I change a GPA?

The GPA is updated on the student when the Grade Point Averages Report is run, selecting the option to Update GPA on student record.

If your Grade Preferences (School>Set up>Preferences>Grades category) setting is set to Auto-Calculate either Force or Enable-Checked, a GPA will be updated when there is a change to the student transcripts (a grade change or new transcript record added).

The change will not show on the Student GPA fields. The change will show on the Grade Point Summary in the school year where the change was made. The next time the Grade Point Averages Report is run with the selection to Update the student table, the student GPAs will be updated .

Before transcript change

After transcript change

The updated GPA will only show on the Student Transcript when the Grade Point Averages Report is run selecting to Update GPA on student record

Why does the GPA on the transcript not match the GPA shown in the Transcript side tab>Grade Point Summary sub-tab?

If a transcript was added or changed, depending on your Grade Preferences, the GPA shown on the Grade Point Summary will change. This is the real-time GPA. As soon as a transcript record is added or changed for a student, that student's GPA is recalculated.

The GPA on the Student table is a static number that is copied from the Transcript>Grade Point Average and posted to the Student table when the GPA report is run with the selection to Update GPA on the student record.

Are Credit Recovery and Summer School classes included in the GPA?

If the course is flagged with "Include in GPA" the course will be included in the GPA,

What is Class Rank?

The class rank is based on a formula that uses a student’s GPA, a multiplier of credits earned and extra points, which are assigned to specifically designated levels of coursework. The formula produces a class rank value for each student. These values are then compared to students in each individual grade producing a rank order that identifies the class rank position of each student within their graduation class. The Class Rank value is calculated by multiplying a student’s GPA by the number of credits earned and then adding extra points for specifically identified courses.

Where does the "out of" number come from when calculating a student's rank?

When the Grade Point Averages Report is run with the option selected to recalculate, the system counts the number of active students in each Year of Graduation (not grade level). This number is stored and is the "Out of number" in the class rank.

Which students are included in the rank?

All students are included when running the Grade Point Averages Report which will produce the student ranking.

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