How to create a Clever Sync Block

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In Clever, there are apps that require staff and students to be assigned to a section in Aspen (SIS) in order to access the app. These are rostered apps. Examples include Lexia, Imagine Learning, and Everfi.

A Clever Sync Block (25I) in Aspen is a non-credit-bearing section. It can be used in instances where a staff member needs to have a mixed class of students (from different grades or within the same classroom). The instructions below show a school's Aspen (SIS) Scheduler how to add a Clever Sync Block (25I) for a staff member.

Adding Section

  1. Click Schedule top tab.
  1. Click Options > Add.
  1. Fill in the required fields listed below and then click Save

Adding Students

  1. Click Roster side tab.
  1. Click Option > Add.
  • If you pick Selection, check off the student you want to add.
  • If you pick Snapshots, choose the created Snapshot.
  • If you pick Another Section, choose the class which roster you want to copy.
  • Then click OK, and OK again.

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