Dropping a Student(s) from a Summer School Class Section

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This guide includes both the steps to drop a student from a section (part 1) as well as how to run a report that will display students who are good candidates to be removed from a section due to receiving a passing grade in June (part 2).

ATTENTION: Since your Master Schedule is already committed you should skip part I and move to part II. Make sure you are working on School View.

Part I: Dropping a student from a section


[These steps assume you have completed your scheduling in the Build view and are not working with a “committed” schedule in the School view.]

Under the Student top tab, select a student and then select the Schedule side-tab.

The Schedule side-tab will expand to show several side-tabs. 

Select the Workspace side-tab, which is where changes to a student’s schedule can be made.

The Workspace screen has two different views: List view and Matrix view

You can switch between them with a link on the right-hand side of the screen:

Using the Matrix view

The Matrix view screen is split with the course requests on the left side of the screen, and the scheduled classes / sections on the right side of the screen.

If a student has passed a class and therefore no longer needs to attend summer school, both the course request and the scheduled section should be removed.


Removing the request and schedule records

To remove a student from a class section and also drop the course request, simply select the red X for each and then select the Post button at the bottom right. 

If you make a mistake, click Revert before Post and nothing will be changed.

If you realize you made a mistake after you already Posted the change, select the Change History side-tab just below the Workspace side-tab. This will show you what was dropped, so you can add it back again.

Using the List view

The List view has all of the same functions as the Matrix view, but the scheduled classes are at the top, and the course requests at the bottom.

With all List views in Aspen, select the checkbox next to the record you want to edit (to drop, in this case), and then select the function (Drop).

  1. Select the schedule class section
  2. Click Drop
  3. Select the course request
  4. Click Drop
  5. Select Post to make the schedule change permanent


Switching to the next Student

If you are doing a number of drops in a row, do NOT go back to the Student top tab. Instead, stay on this screen, but use the picklist on the top right of the screen.

This will give you a student picklist where you can search for and select the next student whose schedule needs to be changed.

Part II: Finding Students who passed (drop candidates)

The following steps will help identify students who have schedules that can be dropped. This is determined by comparing the summer school classes with each student’s final grades / credits earned from courses taken this past school year. In situations where a student is taking a summer school course, but ended up receiving passing credit for that course, then the summer school course can be dropped.

Run the report to find Potential Drops

On the Student top tab, in the Reports menu and the Summer School sub-menu, there is a report called Summer School Potential Drops due to Passing Grades.

Select the mode

This report has two modes when evaluating courses to drop:

A. Based on exactly matching course numbers

  • Example: a student took course 454 (Geometry) this past school year, was at risk of failure, and signed up to take 454 over the summer.
  • She ended up passing course 454
  • This mode will show this student and the fact that the summer course can be dropped.

B. Based on department

  • Example: a student took 254 (American Government) this past school year, was at risk of failure, and signed up to take World History 2-Online--a different course number, but in the same department
  • He ended up passing 254
  • This mode will show this student and the fact that 254 might be able to be dropped because of the passing grade for 254
  • This mode is less precise, of course, as it will report courses that clearly should NOT be dropped, and others where it may be difficult to tell. The student’s home school should be able to let you know whether a related summer school course was taken to satisfy the same requirements as another course that was failed. Example...

When first running this report, use the default mode. 

After processing students in that list, you can use the 2nd mode to see if there are additional students where an exact course number match doesn’t exist.

Review results for Scheduled Courses and Course Requests

Depending where you are in the process of building your summer schedule, you may only have student course requests, or you may course requests and student schedules. This report includes a section for each, starting with the student schedules.

If you drop the student schedule records (removing students from a section, as detailed in Part I of this guide), then they won’t show up on teachers’ rosters.

If you haven’t yet loaded students into your sections, then this report will display only course requests, and you’ll need to drop those.

If you run for exactly matching course numbers, you can have Aspen drop courses for you

There’s a checkbox that will drop course sections and requests for you.

Aspen can only do this for exactly matching course numbers.

Note, this does include online classes, which have a slightly different course code from the regular course (see the example report above).

If you have selected the mode “Based on department”, checking this box does nothing.


When running in “drop” mode, be sure to save the resulting report (PDF). 

This will be your record of which students were affected and what courses were removed.

It is highly recommended you first do this for a single student by entering a student’s ID number in the box.

Verify that Aspen has done exactly what you intended for one students, and then you can run it for the entire school with greater confidence.


You have now removed students from their scheduled classes, and/or removed their course requests.

Students will still show up under the Student top tab in your summer school, but they will not show up on the rosters for any teachers if this report indicated they have already passed the course.

For questions, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 617-635-9200.

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