How to add an alert on the student record

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  1. Log on to the School view.
  2. Click the Student tab.
  3. Search for the student.
  4. Select Details > Alerts. Any Legal, Medical, or Other alerts already created for the student appear.
  • Student details page, Alerts tab
  1. Do one or more of the following:

To add a Legal alert, below Legal, click Add.

To add a Medical alert, below Medical, click Add.

To add an Other alert, below Other, click Add.

  1. The Student Alert pop-up appears. Each field is optional and you can choose not to enter an end-date if you prefer. We recommend writing as little information as possible to convey a message; the alert is meant to be a very quick message that is available to all staff, which is why we do not recommend over-sharing information in alerts.
  • Image of pop-up where you enter alert details
  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Save. The system displays the appropriate icon next to the student’s name.
  3. To view the alert, click the icon.
The IEP Alert icon appears if the student has an IEP. This alert can not be changed.

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