T-Mobile Project 10Million

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T-Mobile Project 10Million

Franklin T9 Hotspot

Getting started

How do I request a hotspot for a student?

Please complete a Hotspot Request Form (for BPS students only).

How do I assign a hotspot to a student?
How do I assign a hotspot to a student?

OIIT will assign the hotspot to the student in One2One Manager. To verify, please search for either the student ID or the SIM card number (which is on the packaging box) in One2One Manager.

How do I activate a hotspot for a student?

Hotspots are active and ready for use.

What is included in the box?

Please see image below.

What is the set up process for first time use?

Please click Franklin T9 end user instruction.pdf for the set up process.

What documentation should I provide the family/student with?
What documentation should I provide the family/student with?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the hotspot is physically damaged or is lost/stolen?

Please reach out to Henry Ho via email at hho@bostonpublicschools.org. Henry will make note of it in the T-Mobile Portal.

How much data is included?

Each hotspots includes 100 gigabytes of high speed internet available a year. Once exhausted, the hotspots will not work. Please urge student to only use hotspots for schoolwork.

How can I see how much data has been used?
  1. Open your web browser and log into http://mobile.hotspot or
  2. Enter your password (default password is 'admin') and click "Login".


End Users will only be assisted with basic troubleshooting. Examples: How to power on/off, troubleshooting device, how to find SSID/password

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