T-Mobile Project 10Million

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T-Mobile Project 10Million

Franklin T9 Hotspot

Getting Started & FAQs

How do I set up my hotspot?

Click HERE for step by step instructions.

How do I assign a hotspot to a student?

Click HERE for step by step instructions.

How do I activate a hotspot for a student?

Hotspots are active and ready for use. However, they should be assigned in One2One Manager before being deployed.

What is included in the box?
What is the set up process for first time use?

Click HERE for set-up instructions.

What documentation should I provide the family/student?
What if the hotspot is physically damaged or is lost/stolen?

Create an incident in One2One and select Lost in the Incident Type dropdown. Then, assign your student another hotspot. Unfortunately, physically damaged hotspots cannot be repaired. Damaged/lost hotspots can only be replaced.

How much data is included?

Each hotspot has a data cap of 20GB per month (100GB a year). Once the data has been exhausted for the month/year, the hotspot will not connect. However, please do not discard the hotspot. It will refresh at the start of the cycle the following month/year.

How can I see how much data has been used?
  1. Connect to your Hotspot.
  2. While connected to your hotspot, open your web browser on your computer and log into http://mobile.hotspot.
  3. Enter your password (default password is 'admin') and click "Login".
Who can I provide a hotspot to?

We recommend schools provide hotspots to students in need. Here are some ideal candidates. However, please disburse as needed.

  • A student who is quarantined.
  • A student who is homeless or displaced.
How can I get basic technical support?

Call the T-Mobile Technical Support at 1-844-341-4834

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