Creating a New Self-Service Document in School Messenger

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Please be aware some fonts may not be recognized, Times New Roman is known to work without issue.

School Messenger can utilize custom PDF files to send as attachments in an email. The Identifier Pattern is text used to identify the first page of each portion of the document. This piece of text should be present on at least the first page of each portion, preferably a label that precedes the unique ID used to identify the student record in our database such as "Student ID:". See the example photo on the next page.

Important: All the pages you wish to send to a specific user must be consecutive. Your identifier can appear on the first page of each portion of the document. It can also appear on the consecutive pages of the document. However, if it appears again later in the document (after the portion has ended), that later entry will be ignored. For example, if pages 56 and 57 have John Smith’s student ID as the identifier and then page 105 also has John Smith’s ID, page 105 will not be included in the section of the document that is delivered to John Smith.

  1. Click on Broadcast Top tab
  2. Click on SDD
  3. Click on Create New Self Service Document
  4. Enter the required fields and upload the file
    The Identifier Pattern field is the text before the students ID number so the example below would have BPS ID: entered in the field.
  5. Click Upload
  6. Review Potions
    If Deliverable Portions are 0 the Identifier Pattern may need to be more at the top of the page and/or the font may need to be adjusted.
  7. Click Send Email

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