Athletics Registration Workflow - Athletic Administrators

Using the Athletics Registration Workflow

Students will use the Athletics Registration Workflow to express their interest in a sport. Once the student completes this workflow, Athletic Administrators will see the registration in the Workflow/Tasks Widget on their Aspen Homepage.

Athletic Administrators will complete the workflow which will create an Athletics Program record for the student.

Adding the program record does not mean that the student has met all of the requirements to participate in the Athletics Program

From the District View or School View in Aspen (

  1. You will see newly registered students from your Home Page in the Workflow/Tasks widget

  1. Click on Post Registration Info
  1. Review the information and then click Next
  2. Click Finish to post the Athletic Registration

Posting creates an Athletic Program record for the student. Once the registration is posted, you will work from either (both District view):

  • Student top tab>Membership>Programs
  • Global top tab>Extenstions>Athletics

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