How to change your last name and BPS email address

Sean McMahon Updated by Sean McMahon

This article will take you through the process of changing your name and email address.

This process is automated but we strongly recommend coordinating with Sean McMahon ( prior to changing your name in ESS.
  1. Log in to Access Boston ( and click the ESS Tile. Scroll down to the Name Change tile. Submit your changes in ESS and approval will be sent to the Human Capital Office for review.
  2. Once Human Capital approves the change, a new email address will automatically be created with your new name. This will cause your old email address to be temporarily disabled.
  3. Contact the BPS Technology Help Desk (x9200) or email Sean McMahon ( and we will merge your old email account with your new email account. All of your emails and Google Docs will be merged into the same account and emails sent to your old and new account will arrive in the same inbox.

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