How to view an individual student's assessment scores

How to view an Individual Student's Assessment Scores

Log on to the District view, BPS View, School view, or Staff view in Aspen (

  1. Click on the Student top tab
  2. Find the student and place a check in the box to the left of the student name
  3. Click on the Assessment side tab
  4. By default, you will see All Records
  5. If you wish to view records for a specific assessment, click the pick list icon (magnifying glass)
  6. Select the Assessment definition from the popup list and then click OK
  7. You will then see only the assessment records for that definition
  8. To see more information, click on the assessment record

Field Sets and Assessment Templates

Each Assessment Definition has its own Field Set and Assessment Template. If you have selected an Assessment definition you should see the template and field set for that definition. If you did not select an Assessment definition you may need to change the Template or field set to see information specific to assessment definitions.

To change the Field Set

From the list of assessment records, you can change the fieldset by clicking on the Field Set icon and selecting the appropriate fieldset

To change the Assessment Template

From inside the details of an assessment record, click on the drop-down list in the Template Menu to select the appropriate template

The template drop down list also includes field sets

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