Common Chromebook Issues & Quick Fixes

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Older Chromebooks models like the Acer C720, Acer C740, and Acer C738T have depreciated to the point where they are no longer cost-effective to fix. Create a new incident in One2One Manager and select "Needs to be Recycled" as the Incident Type. Please give the device to your OIIT Technician during their next visit.

Do not recycle any Acer Chromebooks that are still "In Life-Cycle". Especially the Acer C732T and Acer C733T models. It is likely, they can be repaired.

Here are some common Chromebook issues and quick fixes:
Blue Light
If a Chromebook has a blue power light, but has no display on the screen: Press and hold the power button until the blue light turns off.  This will fix the screen or power issue.
If a Chromebook does not turn on it’s possible the battery is completely depleted. (1) Leave the Chromebook plugged in for 8-10 hours (or overnight). This will allow the battery to completely charge. (2) Check the charger and the charging port for damage. (3) Power the Chromebook off and on several times. (4) Reset the Chromebook to Factory Settings (click here for instructions).
Chromebook Display Error
If a Chromebook displays a Chrome OS is missing or damaged, reset the Chromebook to Factory Settings (click here for instructions).
Liquid Damage

In most cases, the device cannot be saved and should just be recycled.

Chargers cannot be repaired. School should budget for additional chargers as replacements. However, if the charging port on the Chromebook is damaged, please create a new incident in One2One Manager (click here for instructions).
All Other Non Physical Damage
The majority of Chromebook issues (other than physical damage) can be resolved with a Factory Reset. This includes keyboard issues, slowness, many application issues, mic issues, and sound issues. Please try a Factory Reset before creating a new incident in One2One Manager.

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