How to Manually Enroll Students in the Athletics Program

Manual Athletics Enrollment

Ideally, students will use the Athletics Workflow to register for Athletic Participation, but, at any time, Athletic Administrators may manually add students.

While you may update Athletic Participation Information from the Programs top tab, adding a Student Athletic Program Record must be done from the Student top tab>Membership side tab>Programs sub tab

To manually add students:

From the District View or School View in Aspen (

  1. Navigate to the Student top tab
  2. Find the student,
  3. Click on the Membership side tab
  1. Click on the Programs sub-tab
  2. Click on the Dictionary menu (book icon)
  3. Select the Athletics Student Program Information
  4. Click on the Options menu
  5. Select Add
  6. Enter in program information and Save the record.

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