How to see Your Child's GPA - Family Portal View

From the Family view in Aspen (

  1. Click on the Family top tab.
  1. Place a check to the left of the student name
  2. Click on the Transcript side tab
  1. Click on the Grade Point Summary sub-tab.
  1. Select the appropriate GPA definition from the GPA drop-down list
  1. Select the appropriate Grade Term from the Grade Term drop-down list

What you see

School Year/Grade GPA and Total GPA Section

This section displays all of the information the system uses to calculate the student’s GPA for the selected GPA and Term.

Course Breakdown Section

The Course Breakdown section shows the breakdown of points for each course in their transcript.

The information included: School year, student grade level, Course number, Course Description, Academic Level, Grade Column, Grade, Points (calculated grade points), and weight.

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