I have a student missing from my class in Clever

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Sometimes a student is missing from your class in a learning application, such as Lexia or Pearson. These applications sync their rosters every night from SIS through a system called Clever. If you are missing a student, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check the student's schedule in Aspen

A common mistake (especially at the elementary level) is to add students to a homeroom but forget to add the student to classes. We recommend checking the student's schedule in Aspen as a first step.
  1. Login to Aspen and click the Student tab.
  2. Find the student and check off their name.
  3. Click the Schedule tab and look for a schedule. If you see all of their classes, then proceed to the next step. Otherwise a schedule will need to be added to the student.
TIP: Schedule changes sync from Aspen to Clever every night around 7PM, so any changes you make will take effect the next day.

Step 2: Check the sharing permissions in Clever

Sometimes a sharing rule prevents a student from being shared to their applications. Send an email to cleveradmin@bostonpublicschools.org with the following information so that we can review the sharing rules:

  • Name of the student or ID number
  • School
  • Specific application that is having the issue
It's possible that an application vendor might have a problem on their end that is preventing the student from being shared. If the above steps fail, share the vendor's contact information with cleveradmin@bostonpublicschools.org so that we can assist!

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