How to access the Special Education courses in BPSLearns

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What are the Special Education courses?

Members of the special education department will have access to 8 courses in BPSLearns to complete related to various special education topics. Members are asked to self-enroll in the courses.

How do I enroll in the courses on BPSLearns?

  1. Go to BPSLearns at:
  2. Click to Sign in with Google. Make sure that you use your BPS email. A personal Gmail will not work.
If you are new to BPSLearns, it will take a few moments before you can register for the asynchronous courses. Only people with BPS emails and six-digit BPS IDs can self-enroll in the modules.

Please note: If you have a 4000 ID (BPS sponsored account), you will need to be manually added to Brightspace. Email to enroll you in Brightspace.
  1. Once you have successfully logged into BPSLearns, go to the homepage.
  2. Click on the Discover icon at the top of the homepage and search for the courses. Their names are listed below for your reference.
Course Name

These courses are being released on a rolling basis and their availability will be updated below.

Course 1: Special Education 101

Direct link to enroll:

Course 2: Special Education Identification Process

Direct link to enroll:

Course 3: Effective IEP Meetings and Roles

Direct link to enroll:

Course 4: Preparing for and During the IEP Meeting

Direct link to enroll:

Course 5: Special Education Eligibility

Direct link to enroll:

Course 6: Special Education Services Part 1

Direct link to enroll:

Course 7: Special Education Services Part 2

Direct link to enroll:

Course 8: Special Education Communication and Collaboration

Direct link to enroll:

How long are the courses and how are they structured?

Each course is divided into sections that you can move through at your own pace. Each course is expected to take up to 1 hour to complete if done in one sitting. 

How is my completion tracked?

Each course has quizzes, assignments, and open responses.

Course Quizzes Grading

There will be quizzes in most courses. You are allowed unlimited attempts on quizzes but you must get 75-80% or higher on each quiz to pass and be issued a certificate of completion.

How to Download Your Certificate of Completion

Check to make sure that you have completed the below criteria to receive a Certificate of Completion. 

  • Scored 75-80% or higher on all quizzes in the course
  • Completed open responses
  • Turned in all listed assignments (they will be auto-graded as Complete or Incomplete)

Once you have met these criteria, you can find your Certificate of Completion under the Awards tab. Download this certificate and share it with your supervisor(s).

Who do I reach out to with questions?

Course Content and Completion: Olga Garriga:

How to login to BPSLearns: Review this helpdoc or call the BPSTechnology Service Desk at 617-635-9200

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