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1) Troubleshoot First
Please troubleshoot Chromebook to ensure repair is needed. Click here to see “Common Chromebook Issues & Quick Fixes”.
2) Create a New Incident in One2One Manager
Create a new incident in One2One Manager and provide as much description as possible. Click here to see "Create an Incident in One2One Manager".
3) Assign a Loaner Device
Assign a loaner device to the student. Do not unassign the Chromebook that is being repaired from the student at this time.
4) Move to "Dispatch to OIIT" Repair Status
When an incident is first created, it automatically goes to an “Intake” repair status. You will need to move it to a “Dispatch to OIIT” repair status if the device needs to go through the repair process. Click here to see "Understanding Incidents in One2One Manager" and scroll down for step-by-step instructions.
5) Complete Google Form for Pick Up
Complete a Chromebook Repair/Recycle Pickup Google Form (Click here) at least one day prior to your school’s OIIT Technician (Click here) visit to pick up Chromebooks in need of repair and recycling. Make sure your school has a safe location for pick up and drop off. Please complete the form once you have at least 5 devices and no more than 15 devices to be sent out for repair.
6) Label Chromebook with School Name + Incident ID
Please label devices with your school name and the "Incident ID" which will help to ensure Technicians return the exact device back to you. Please do not use anything that will damage the device. Painter's tape is a suggestion.

7) Pre-Repair Assessment Done by OIIT
The OIIT Technician picks up the device and brings it back to Campbell to do a diagnostic assessment and determine whether the device needs to be repaired.
8) Chromebook Repair
If the device can be repaired, it will be returned to the school. If the device cannot be repaired, it will be recycled/disposed.
9) Incident Closed in One2One Manager by OIIT
OIIT will close all incidents in One2One Manager. See below for info on how Chromebooks will be assigned at the close of an incident.

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