How to Schedule a New Student or Make Changes to a Student's Current Schedule (Grades 6-12)

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1 Open Aspen and click the Student tab.

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2 Check off the student name

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3 Click the Schedule side-tab

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4 Click Workspace to edit or add the schedule.

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5 Click Matrix view >>. Matrix view is easier to work with especially when working on a rotating schedule.

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6 Click Select... to enter all of the course requests for the student to allow Aspen to select the correct sections.

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7 Enter the course number to select the course

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8 Select the course and click OK

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9 Click Reschedule... and a schedule will be built. Click the red X to delete a class or click on an empty square to manually add a class to that period.

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10 Click Post to save the schedule.

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How to Schedule a New Student in Aspen (Grades K0-5)