How to get started with GoGuardian for Teachers

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What is GoGuardian for Teachers and who has access?

GoGuardian for Teachers is a Chromebook management tool to help you keep students safe and focused online. This tool gives teachers the ability to monitor students while they are logged into their Chromebooks with their BPS Google account. It is important that this tool is used responsibly by teachers and with students’ awareness.

Accounts will be given to BPS teachers who have a schedule in Aspen and access to Chromebooks for students.
GoGuardian for Teachers not a tool for administrators. If you would like assistance with managing your students’ online behavior outside of the classroom, we encourage you to reach out to BPSTechnology for assistance.

How can I get this application?

  1. Sign in to BPSLearns with your BPS Gmail account. Please note: if you are new to BPSLearns, it will take a few moments before you can register for the course.
  2. Click on the Discover icon and then click to self-enroll in the GoGuardian training course listed under the Discover icon. The direct link to the course is:
  3. There are four modules in the course; you must review all the content in Modules 1-3 in order to unlock Module 4, where you will request an account via a Google Form.
  4. Within 48 hours, your account will be activated by our BPS Google Admin. You will not receive an email that the account is activated so you will need to check by logging in through Clever.

Can anyone sign up for the training course?

While anyone can sign up for this training to learn more about the tool, accounts will only be given to BPS teachers who have a schedule in Aspen and access to Chromebooks for students. You must be either a primary or co-teacher of a section in Aspen.

My account has been activated. How do I begin using GoGuardian?

Go to Clever: Be sure to sign in using your BPS Gmail and password.

Select the District Page tab. Once your account has been created, you should see the GoGuardian icon under Staff Links.

This application will roster your classes for you (from Aspen) so you do not need to manually add classes.

Where can I learn more about GoGuardian?

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