How to update Withdrawal Codes for DNR Students

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Withdrawal Records of DNR students should be updated with the proper codes to prevent them from counting towards your school’s dropout rate in SIMS/State report. Please refer to the DNR Student Withdrawal Memo for more details. The following are the steps to update the Withdrawal Codes. Schools are required to upload documentation/proof that supports the reason for choosing a withdrawal code for the student discharge. (How to Upload Documents in Aspen).


Select the Student tab and DNR Students to Review filter


Check off the box next to the student name and select the Membership side-tab


The student’s DNR withdrawal record will be displayed near the top list


Click on the ‘W’ next to the DNR withdrawal record


Use dropdown in the upper right to select the ‘Default Template (edit)’


Replace D1 on the WithCode field with a proper Withdrawal code and select Save. Hover your mouse over the question mark icon to see a list of valid withdraw codes.

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