How does the "Document Sensitivity" label work in Google Drive?

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Document Sensitivity labels help you quickly categorize your files and prevent accidental sharing of sensitive information. Labels will change the behavior of how your Google Doc can be shared but the document owner still has the ability to adjust the labels if necessary.

Sometimes your document may be automatically labeled as confidential. Scroll down to learn more about data loss prevention rules and how automated labeling works.

How to add Labels

  1. Click File when viewing a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide
  2. Select Labels
  3. Click Apply Label
  4. Select Document Sensitivity
  5. Select the appropriate label.
Click here to learn more about labels, including tips for bulk-updating documents.
Confidential - Document contains confidential data/information, such as student or employee data, and can not be shared externally.

Documents are restricted to BPS email accounts. Document viewers can not download, copy, or print.

Internal - Document does not contain any confidential information but should be kept internal. This may include external parties if necessary.

Document owners/editors will see an extra warning before sharing to non-BPS email addresses.

Public - Document does not contain any private or confidential information and can be made public.

Please note that this label does not automatically make the document public; the file owner still has to share the document

Data Loss Prevention Rules

Sometimes you may find that your document has been automatically categorized as "Confidential". This is the result of an automated data loss prevention system that automatically reviews all Google Docs & Sheets and flags documents that may contain sensitive information. For security reasons, the specific rules are not shared but the general descriptions below may help explain why a document is flagged. Please note that the "Confidential" label can always be changed by the document owner to remove any restrictions on the document.

  • Sensitive personally identifiable information: Documents containing highly-sensitive information, such as social security numbers or tax information.
  • Financial Information/Documents
  • Health Data

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