How to Assign Students to Administrators for Conduct Referrals

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1. Click the Staff top tab

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2. Navigate to the staff member and click on their name to view their details screen.

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3. On the bottom right, adjust their staff type to be Administrator.

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4. Assigned a value in the Admin Group. 1 is often used. It’s okay to have more than one administrator assigned to an Admin Group if multiple administrators can receive a conduct referral for the same student

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5. Click Save

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6. Repeat the process, assigning different numbers for each administrator. For example, Mr. Doe is assigned to grades K to 3 and has 1 as his admin group and Ms. Johnson is assigned to grades 4 to 8 and has a value of 2 as her admin group

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7. To Assign students to the appropriate admin group, Go to the Student top tab.

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8. Use a filter to filter to the appropriate students for example grade level or homeroom.

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9. Select the grade and submit

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10. Use the field sets icon or the small grid icon on the upper right to change to the Admin fields. The student list will change to display the admin group field.

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11. Scroll up and click Options

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12. Click Mass Update...

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13. Enter the appropriate value. Assigning students to the admin group of their matching administrator will cause the conduct referrals to be assigned to the correct administrator. Select Admin Group

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14. Enter the appropriate value.

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15. Click Update

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16. Click OK. Repeat until all students are assigned to the correct administrator. 

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