How to Import Locker Number and Lock Combinations

How to Import Locker Numbers and Lock Combination Codes

This article will go over the steps to importing locker numbers, locker locations, lock combinations and lock serial numbers into Aspen. You need a file with this information in the specified order.

A file is often provided to school administrators or school maintenance with most of the needed information already in CSV format.

Roles with Access to Import Locker Information

Only specific school users have access to erform the import. The roles with access to import locker information are:

  • Add On - School - Locker Access
  • School - Advanced Student Info (R/W)
  • School - Asst Principal/Headmaster
  • School - Principal/Headmaster

Import file

The import file can be a .csv (comma separated file) or a .txt (text file). The file should have a header so that the import can be run if there is missing data. The import file needs to have the data below in the order listed below.

Import fields

  • School Local ID
  • Locker Number
  • Locker Combination
  • Locker Location (First Floor, East Wing, etc.)
  • Lock Serial number

Example file

school, lockernum,combo,location,serial (the header row)

1040,H1234,21-11-1234,3rd floor, SN0001-001-0000

1040,H1235,21-11-1234,3rd floor, (missing serial number)

1040,H1236,21-11-1234,3rd floor, SN0001-001-0000

Not all data needs to be included in the import file. If you do not have the Lock Serial Number in the file, the field will be skipped.

Importing the data

  1. From School view, click on the School top tab
  2. Click on the Locker side tab
  3. Click on the Options menu
  4. Select Imports
  5. Select the School Locker Import

Assigning Locker IDs to Students

After importing the school lockers, you want to use the following HelpDoc to assign them to students.

How to Assign Locker Numbers to One or More Students

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