Change a Student's Homeroom and Reschedule into New Sections

Student Homeroom Change

This is for schools that schedule by homeroom, typically elementary and some middle schools

When a student's homeroom needs to be changed, there are two steps to complete in Aspen.

  1. Change the homeroom on the Student
  2. Reschedule the student into the new homeroom sections

The steps below are all done from the School View in Aspen (

1. Change the Homeroom

  1. Navigate to Student top tab
  2. Find the student, click into the student Details
  3. Enter in the new homeroom
  4. Save

2. Reschedule the Student

  1. Go to the student's Schedule side tab
  1. Click into the Workspace sub tab
  1. Make sure you are in List View. If List view is showing, click List view
If you are in List View you will see Matrix View in the right of the scheduling area. Click here for Matrix vs List view
  1. Click into the box to the left of Class to select all schedules records. All schedule records will be selected.
  1. Click the Drop button
  1. Click the Select button
  1. In the popup window, go to the middle column and select the student's new homeroom from the Platoon / Homeroom drop down list
Note the Valid sections only check in the third column. With this checked only sections with seats available will be shown. There may be times you have to uncheck this box to see the sections you need.

  1. Click into the box to the left of Class to select all sections. All sections will be selected.

  1. Click Ok
  1. In the lower right corner click Post
Do not forget to POST! If you do and you log out, changes will be lost.

  1. Transcript Action Popup
    When you make a schedule change, after clicking Post, you will see a popup window related to transcript records.

If early in the school year and NO grades have been posted, you will see a popup like the image below. Click ok

If grades have already been posted, you must make a decision to Update the existing transcript record to the new course section, or Keep and enter a final grade, or Delete the transcript(s). You will see a popup like the image below.


  • Update: existing transcript records will be updated with the new section numbers. As you select to Update, the boxes on the lower portion become grayed out.
  • Keep: if you choose to keep transcript records you must enter in a final grade
  • Delete: if you choose to Delete, the existing transcript records will be deleted.
AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEVEL, IN MOST CASES YOU WANT TO CHECK TO UPDATE THE TRANSCRIPTS. If you have questions about which selection to make email
  1. Your student is now scheduled into the new homeroom sections

Matrix view vs List view

The view is a preference. Some users prefer the Matrix view; others prefer the list view.

Matrix View

Typical view for high school and middle school users

List View

Typical view for elementary school users and some middle school users

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