Recommended Zoom Settings for Security

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This article will take you through the practical steps you need to take in order to safeguard your virtual classroom/meeting. Every virtual meeting space should be treated with care and security to prevent unauthorized entry, loss of student privacy/information, and continued disruptions to your meeting.

We strongly recommend the following settings for all Zoom meetings. These settings can be found in your Zoom profile settings (

Waiting Room - ON

You can turn this off once you are in a meeting but we recommend leaving this on so that you can verify the names of participants. This setting can be turned off if you use the "Authenticated Users" setting below.

Require a passcode for Personal Meeting ID (PMI) - ON

Your personal meeting ID should always require a password when used. This will prevent someone from joining your personal meeting at any time.

Only authenticated users can join meetings - ON

This will require that all participants login to Zoom. If there is an unauthorized guest, this setting will ensure that they can be identified.

The default setting only allows staff and students into your Zoom account so we do not recommend changing this. If you want to have an open meeting that includes non-BPS accounts, we recommend turning this setting off for that meeting.

Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client - ON

We recommend that this setting follow the previous setting.

Join before host - OFF

This will prevent students from joining your meeting before you arrive.

Chat & Private Chat - OFF

This setting can be easily changed when you are within a meeting using the Security button.

Screen Sharing - OFF

This setting can be easily changed within your meeting using the Security button so we recommend having this OFF by default

Annotation - OFF unless you intend to use this feature

Annotation will allow participants to draw on your screen, which is why we recommend disabling this unless you intend to use this feature.

Allow participants to rename themselves - OFF

This is another setting that can be changed in the Security menu while in a meeting so it is recommend that this be off by default

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