How the Final Grade is Calculated

Final Grade Calculation

The final grade may be manually entered or, when using Update Post Columns from the Teacher Gradebook, the final grade can be updated with the District's Final Grade Calculation.

After the Final Grade is populated with the District calculation, the final grade may be manually adjusted.

The Final Grade calculation looks at

  1. The Transcript Definition on the school course to determine how the course is graded
  2. The Schedule term on the section. Each term grade is given a weight.
  3. The Final Exam column. If there is a final exam score, the score will be included in the calculation. If no final exam score, the column is ignored.

Final Grade Calculations

Grades 6-12 (Quarters) Transcript Definition - with Final Exam

Grade 6-12 (Quarters) Transcript Definition - No Final Exam

Grades 6-12 (Trimesters) Transcript Definition - with Final Exam

Grades 6-12 (Trimesters) Transcript Definition - no Final Exam

How is the Final Exam Populated?

When the end-of-course grading window is open, teachers will see the Final Exam column:

The Final Exam column may be populated in two ways:

  1. Teacher manually enters Final Exam score. The final exam score is manually entered into the Final Exam column.
  2. Teacher updates the Final Exam when using the Update Post Columns procedure.
    In Step 2 of the Update Post Columns procedure, there is an option to select the Final Exam
    Teachers may pick from the list of items for the Final Exam.

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