How to Take Summer School Attendance (For credit bearing non-5th Quarter programs)

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Taking Attendance for school-based summer programs in Aspen

Daily attendance will be taken directly in Aspen, indicating if a student participated in summer learning on that day. Attendance must be entered before the end of the program day on Friday for the previous week, and no later than 5:00 PM on any program day.

A note to Site Coordinators and Schedule Managers: Please ensure that the Daily Attendance Input preference is set to Period and "Show daily side-tab in Staff view" in checked off. See sample.

To enter Daily Participation Attendance

  1. Login to the Staff view in Aspen (
  1. Click on the Attendance top tab
  1. Click on the Daily side tab
  1. Enter the appropriate attendance code for each student
  2. Click Post when done

You will see a message above the date with the date and time attendance was posted: Daily attendance posted on 7/6/2020 11:00 AM

What if I click on the wrong code?

If you select the wrong code, click on the P code. You will receive a popup message confirming the change

There should only be one code selected per day, per student. If you accidentally enter multiple codes, click on the P to remove the codes. Reenter the correct attendance.

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