How do I send or receive a fax?

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Everyone in a school building can send faxes, but only designated staff can see the incoming fax queue. Typically your school principal, secretary, and school nurse have access to the e-Fax system to receive faxes.

How to SEND a fax:

BPS staff members can send a fax from their BPS email account and/or the BPS email alias for faxing as follows:

  1. In your BPS Gmail account, click on Compose like you were going to write an email.
  2. In the "to" field, enter the 10 digit fax (example
  3. Enter the subject
  4. In the body of the email, input necessary information for the recipient. This will serve as your cover sheet.
To learn how to use the "Scan to me" feature of your school's copy machine, follow these instructions!
  1. Attach any documents to the email that you would like to be included in the fax.
  2. Click Send.

How to RECEIVE a fax:

If you have been chosen as a designee to view the E-Faxes, you will see an additional mailbox when you log into you gmail account . To view on your BPS Gmail account, click the top right BPS icon were your picture profile is located and you will see a separate account for your school fax account.

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