How to Update Contact Portal Login with email address

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Use these steps to update parent and contact family portal logins with their updated email address:

  1. From the Student top tab, find the student the user is a contact for and select box beside their name and click the Contacts side-tab
  2. From Contacts list view, click the user whose login ID needs to be changed
  3. From the contact details click the Options menu and choose “Update Contact Login with Email Address”
  4. From the ‘Update Contact’’ popup, either change the Email Subject and Message text that notifies the contact of their login change or leave default text. The Email will be sent to both the contact’s old and new email addresses. 
  5. From the contact details verify that Portal login and Primary email fields now match.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does this error mean and what to do about it?


This indicates the email address is already being used as a login for another portal account. Look at the student’s other contacts and verify none of the other contacts have the address as their portal login. 

For questions and support, please contact the BPS Technology Help Desk at x59200 or 617-635-9200.

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