How to Schedule Students into Athletic Sections

Adding Students to Athletic Sections

Students need to be added to the Athletic classes/sections at the Team school.

"Section" is the term for the team/class

Log on to Aspen ( in the School view

  1. Navigate to the Schedule top tab
  1. Select the section
  1. Click on the Roster sub-tab
  1. Click on the Options menu
  2. Click Add

  1. Leave the Schedule Mode set to Pull
  2. In the Student selection area, click on Selection

Your screen may not look exactly the same
  1. Select students
  2. Click OK
With checkboxes, multiple selections may be made
  1. The Student is now scheduled in the section

Students Participating in an Athletic Program in a School other than the Student's Primary School

If a student will be participating in an athletic program in a school other than the student's primary school, the student first needs a Secondary School Association to the school where the student will be participating in the sports program.

See How to Add Secondary School Association

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