How to Register for Athletics - Student View

Athletics Registration Workflow

Starting in late 2020 you will be able to register for Boston Public School Athletics from your Aspen Home Page.

Log on to Aspen (

  1. From the Aspen Home Page, click on Initiate in the Athletics Registration widget

  1. In the popup window, select the Athletics Registration workflow
  1. Click on the picklist icon (looking glass)
  2. Select your name in the popup window
  3. Click OK
  4. On the next screen, select the Season
  5. Select the Sport
  6. Click Next
Links to required forms are in the Required Athletic Forms section of the Registration
  1. Click Finish to complete the Registration

Confirm Registration

You can confirm that you have registered from your Home Page in the Workflow/Tasks section

  1. Change the filter from Open to Closed tasks
  1. You should see your registration
  2. Click on the registration hyperlink to see your registration
  3. You may make changes to the Season and Sport. If any changes are made, be sure to Save

After Registration

After registering for a sport, complete the required forms. You will be contacted by the Athletics Department.

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