How to remove Malware from your Macbook

Malware can present in a number of ways including pop ups, slowed performance, unknown searches and applications, and a number of other issues. Here are two things you can do to remove Malware from your mac.

Install and run Malware Bytes

  1. go to
  2. Click the "Free Download" button
  3. Your browser will download an installer package:
  4. Once the package is downloaded, click on it and it will open the installer:
  5. Go ahead and click thorough the installer until the installation is complete:
  6. When it's complete you can click "Close" and when prompted, you can move the installer to the trash.
  7. Now that the application is installed, open it if it isnt already opened and click through the basic setup questions until you land on this page:
  8. Click the blue "Scan" button, scans take approximately 4 minutes
  9. Once the scan is complete you be given a summery and if there were any thread detected, you will have the option to remove them. Once you've removed them, you can quit Malware Bytes.
  10. Malware Bytes will automatically add an icon in your toolbar to the left of the time in your computer toolbar. You can open the application or run a scan any time by clicking this icon, it's recommended that you run a scan of your computer every few weeks .

Clear Extensions in Google Chrome

Malware can also embed itself into your Google Chrome Browser and can include issues such as pop ups, unwanted searches, and slow or erratic performance. To remediate this you'll need to manually remove any Google Chrome Extensions that you did not install or that you dont use.

  1. Open your Chrome Browser and click the "Window" menu in the top toolbar (In between Tab and Help)
  2. Choose "Extensions"
  3. This will take you to a list of extensions installed in your Chrome Browser. Remove all extensions that look unfamiliar or that you do not use, particularly PDF Converters and video editors. The following extensions are installed by BPS automatically and do not need to be removed:
    • Chrome Remote Desktop
    • Google Docs Offline
    • iBoss Cloud Enterprise
    • Airtame
    • Docs
    • Sheets
    • Slides
    • Zoom
    • GeoGebra Classic
  4. Click the "remove" button on all other extensions, if you are taken into another tab after clicking Remove you can close the tab, theres no need to fill out the surveys that some extensions open when being removed. 
  5. That should remove any malware installed on your Macbook.

If you complete both of these processes and continue to have issues with Malware on your computer, please call the helpdesk at 617-635-9200

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