Top 10 Aspen Reports for Principals and School Administrators

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Top 10 Aspen Reports for Principals & School Administrators

  1. Average Daily Attendance – A full summary of attendance by student, homeroom, grade, and school.

Good for: Monitoring building attendance levels and pinpointing trouble areas or students.

Location: Attendance tab

  1. Attendance Percentage Groups – Customize attendance groups and break students into your own groups based on their attendance.

Good for: Quickly identifying students meeting/not meeting attendance goals.

Location: Attendance tab > daily office side-tab

  1. Student Attendance Grid – A one-page attendance summary of a student’s attendance history over the past year.

Good for: Identifying trends within a student’s recent attendance history.

Location: Student tab > Attendance side-tab

  1. Attendance/Tardy Letters – A standard attendance letter addressed to the parent with a message about attendance, including the child’s current attendance.

Good for: Notifying parents of chronically absent students

Location: Student tab or Attendance tab

  1. Student Journal Summary – Run a report for one or all students to see a summary of the parent contact within a set period of time from any teacher within your school.

Good for: Reviewing parent contact for a student and identifying trends in the reasons teachers are calling home for a student.

Location: Student tab (for all students) or Student tab > documents side tab (for just one student)

  1. Student Profile – An “all-in-one” report for a single student to get all basic information on one page. 

Good for: Providing families, partners, and other record-keeping sources with a one-page summary of a student.

Location: Student tab > details side-tab

  1. Monthly Incident Report – A summary report for a  given date-range of all incidents that have occurred in your school, including action totals and student counts.

Good for: Identifying behavior trends and students with high suspensions

Location: Conduct tab

  1. Grade Distribution – Breakup of how grades were distributed across the school, by department, or by teacher into counts and percentages for a given term.

Good for: Analyzing grading trends across your school and identifying grading patterns with individual teachers.

Location: Grades tab > transcripts side-tab

  1. Qualification List – Honor roll, D/F, and NC lists

Good for: Identifying high achieving and low performing students based on grades

Location: Grades tab > transcripts side-tab

  1. Parent Portal Login Statistics – A list of all student contacts in your school and the last time they logged into the family portal.

Good for: Identifying parents who are actively using the parent portal.

Location: Student tab

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