Editing Ticket Fields in Kace via email

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Changing ticket fields using email

The following tags can be used via email reply to a Kace ticket to modify the ticket without logging in. It is important that the subject line be left alone.




A valid category.


A comma-separated list of email addresses or distribution lists.


A due date. The date can be in any format. For example, 4/3/2014, April 3, 2014, or next Thursday.


A valid ticket impact.


The owner's username, full name, or email address.


A valid ticket priority.


A resolution.


A valid ticket status.


The submitter's username, full name, or email address. The email address is used for the username and email address fields. The full name is set to the Name portion of the email address. For example, name@domain.com.


A title for the ticket.


A detailed description of the issue.


The asset associated with the ticket.


The device associated with the ticket.


The state of the ticket approval process. You can set this field to one of the following values: Approved, Rejected, None, or More Information Needed.


A note associated with the approval.


Indicates if only owners can comment on the ticket through email. When set to 1, the flag is True. Any other numeric value sets this indicator to False.


The value of a custom ticket field, where <number> is the custom field ID. For example, $custom_2=ABC assigns the value of ABC to the CUSTOM_2 ticket field.

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