Creating an Import file for EPIMS Staff WA07 Role and WA08 Import

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Here are the headers that will help to create the file

ID SchoolID Class.Section MST_OID Role_Code WA08.code

You will need to run an export for the MST_OID

  1. Tools Top Tab > Export Side Tab > Filter > Export OID > Schedule Master OID Export
  2. Click Run
  3. Click Run again to get the file.

The Export Headers are:

School Class.Section MST_OID

A vlookup on the concatenated SchoolID and Class.Section will work to give the MST_OID for the IMPORT file.

The Import File headers are (removed Class.Section from first header mentioned):

ID SchoolID MST_OID Role_Code WA08.code

To IMPORT the file

Be careful and make sure to use: EPIMS Staff WA07 Role and WA08 (another one is named similarly without role in the name)
  1. Tools Top Tab > IMPORT Side Tab > Filter > EPIMS > EPIMS Staff WA07 Role and WA08
  2. Click Run
  3. Upload File
  4. Click Run

Results will appear when completed

This google doc can do the work to create the file when the information is pasted into it. The cells are locked were needed but can be edited over if you ignore the warning. This does not need to be used but useful to create the file. (There is a lot of due diligence need to check leading zero, sections are text to avoid conversions to dates, remove excess blanks, header match, etc)

Only those with Shared Drive access to EPIMS will see this file.

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