How to use PermissionClick for a Field Trip

  1. The first step is to open Permission Click and click Start New Form
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  1. Select the template that you want to use. For this example, we'll create a field trip permission slip.
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  1. Enter a name for this form. For example, Museum of Science Field Trip
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  1. Enter some basic information about the trip. This will be the first thing that parents see when they open the form.
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  1. Scroll down and enter the Name of the location.
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  1. Enter the Address of the field trip
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  1. Scroll down and enter the name of the field trip Coordinator.
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  1. Scroll down and enter the field trip date and the start & end time. This does not have to be exact - it is just to give parents an idea of how long the field trip will last.
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  1. Scroll down and click Questions about Each Child or Parent if you would like to ask for additional information. This is where you can ask what students will be bringing for lunch, ask for chaperones, or ask if there are specific medical concerns.
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  1. Click Message to Respondents to leave a closing message after parents have filled out the form.
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  1. Scroll down and customize the text for the Yes/No section.
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  1. Edit the form settings as needed. The default settings are recommended but feel free to adjust the settings.
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  1. If you enter your Event Dates in this section, parents will receive an automated reminder email the day before the field trip.
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  1. You can also choose to cut off responses on a certain date if want to set a deadline.
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  1. Toggle this button to send a reminder email.
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  1. Click Publish when you're ready to move on to the next step.
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  1. Now that the form is ready, we'll need to decide how to send it to familes.
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  1. The Share this form area gives you a link that you can send out to families. For example, you can copy this link into a TalkingPoints or SchoolMessenger message.
Step 18 image
  1. Alternatively, you can use the Recipients Manager to automatically fill in your roster of students.
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  1. Click Schools and select your school to include all students.
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  1. PermissionClick will automatically add all students to your form.
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  1. It will take approximately 15 minutes to add all students and then a banner will appear at the top with a button to email the form.
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  1. We recommend using either the Shared link OR the Recipients Manager, not both. This may cause duplicate students if a parent fills out the form twice.
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  1. That's it! As parents fill out the form, the numbers will change at the top and you'll see the students listed at the bottom with their permission.
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