How to Run Qualification Lists (Honor Roll, D&Fs, Eligibility Lists)

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Click Grades

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2. Click Transcripts

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3. Click Reports

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4. Click Qualification Lists

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5. Click Qualification List with Grades

  • Qualification List: All students in one list
  • Qualification List by Teacher: Students broken up by teachers. This should be used if you want to give teachers a list of their students that made high honors, honors, etc. This report can be very large depending on the number of teachers in your building.
  • Qualification List by Grades: Similar to the first report, but this will also include the course grades that each student received. This report is recommended when running an ineligibility list.
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6. Select the term grade from the transcript column.

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7. Select Honor Roll

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8. Click Run

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  • High Honors: All grades are As
  • Honors: Grades are As and Bs
  • Honorable Mention: Grades are As, Bs, and Cs

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