Using Pando for EPIMS

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How to Create and Escalate a Pando Ticket:
  1. Click Support Top Tab
  2. Click Options > Add
  3. Add a Contact > Name and Summary
  4. Set the values for:
    1. Type: Setup (is generally the one to use but if you find one more suitable you can use that)
    2. Product: SIS
    3. Module: SIF
    4. Sub Module: SIF EPIMS
  5. Change Priority to Medium or High (use Critical for system down immediate assistances)
  6. Summary will populate Description you can add more text in that field to provide more context
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Escalate
  9. Click OK
To confirm the ticket was Escalated you will see "this ticket has been escalated. Be sure to note the Ticket number here seen as T30498109.

How to Find My Tickets:
To find tickets in your name go to Support Top Tab> Tickets side tab > Filter (right side) > My Tickets

To find documentation/guides regarding EPIMS:
  1. Click Page Directory
  2. Click MA State Reporting (click add to put on the Community side tab see above)
  3. You can then find videos or error documentation
    1. For video training: General Info Tab> Helpful Resources and Links > Training Videos
    2. For error documentation: MA SIF EPIMS Tab

To find more information about using Pando:
To view some of the downloadable audio/visual content you may need the Cisco WebEx Player
Download & install the player that supports watching ".arf" files

  1. Click Page Directory
  2. Click Aspen Training (click add to put on the Community side tab see above)
  3. Scroll down to Webinar Recordings and Resources
  4. Click the Folders System Administration > Pando

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