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How to access Lexia

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What is Lexia?

Lexia Core5 and PowerUp offer the opportunity for students to engage in asynchronous practice of reading skills personalized to their learning needs. Students will take a placement assessment upon initially logging into the system and will be provided with a recommended number of minutes per week to spend working in the program in order to make learning gains.

We are not offering Lexia outside of its grade bands. The district reading intervention program is Reading Horizons. Please reach out to one of the ELA Program Directors for more information on how to access and implement Reading Horizons in your school.

What is Core5 and who has access?

By default, all ELA classes in grades K-5 have access to Core5. Select schools have sitewide licenses for all classes (not just ELA). At a minimum, a student will need to have an ELA class in Aspen in order to access the app.

Lexia Core5 Reading provides a systematic and structured approach to six critical areas of reading. The program creates personalized learning paths for students of all abilities through an adaptive placement and scaffolded activities that align to rigorous standards.

What is PowerUp and who has access?

By default, all ELA classes in grades 6-8 have access to PowerUp. Select high schools also have access to Lexia PowerUp. At a minimum, a student will need to have an ELA class in Aspen in order to access the app.

If you need to change a student's reading program in Lexia to PowerUp, go to Manage Students then click on the pencil icon next to the student's name, then select Reading Program.

Lexia PowerUp Literacy is designed to accelerate literacy gains for struggling and non-proficient readers in grades 6 and above. The program addresses literacy skills aligned to college and career readiness standards for grades 6–8, while teaching the specific K–5 standards that are critical to building a foundation for grade-level proficiency. The program is broken up into three distinct strands that students work in concurrently: Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension.

How do I access Lexia Core5 or PowerUp?

Log in to Clever at using your BPS email and password.

Teachers with ELA sections in Aspen
Login to Clever as Teacher. Go to the District Page tab and look for the blue myLexia logo under Staff Links.
School Leaders
Login to Clever as Staff. Go to the Portal tab and look for the blue myLexia logo under Staff Links.
Schoolwide Coaches or Directors of Instruction
These roles will not have automatic access to myLexia because they may not have classes in Aspen. There are two options to access myLexia based on your need:

1. I need access to school-wide data for myLexia: Coaches can be added by their school registrar to an ELA class as a co-teacher. Once this access has been granted, coaches can be upgraded to School Admin in myLexia by emailing

2. I need access to schoolwide data across multiple apps (not just myLexia): Principals/Heads of School must submit that a coach should have an admin role in Clever for all applications using the Clever Access & App Integration Request Form. Once this access has been granted, coaches can login using the School Leader method above.
Students (at minimum, a student must be enrolled in an ELA class in Aspen)
Grades K-5: Look for the blue Core5 icon under ELA/Literacy.

Grades 6 and up: Look for the orange PowerUp icon under ELA/Literacy.
I have a student in my Aspen roster, but they are not showing up in myLexia.
If you notice that students are missing in myLexia but have classes in Aspen, please fill out this form to have their access restored within 48 hours.

What devices is the program compatible with?

Lexia Core5 and PowerUp work on laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, iPads, and Kindle devices. 

Where can I learn more about Lexia Core5 or PowerUp?

A number of resources are available at and within the myLexia App in Clever.  These include:

Lexia Set Up

Navigation of Platform

(Features, Resources)

Instructional Use

Data Use

Information and training  on Data Use for Lexia tools are in Lexia Academy, located in myLexia (top right corner) 

Professional Learning

Lexia Academy: This eLearning platform in MyLexia includes courses that provide educators with opportunities to learn more about the effective implementation of Lexia products along with best practices in literacy instruction in order to better support their students.

Training On Demand Videos: Core5 

Training On Demand Videos: PowerUp

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Core5 Troubleshooting Guide

Product questions: Lexia Customer Support: 800-507-2772 or

Lexia Account Manager and contact for purchasing school licenses: Max Tuefferd, Lexia

Archived Student Account issues: Fill out the Lexia Archived accounts form

BPS Teaching and Learning, MTSS questions: Sarah Jay

You may also reach out to your Equitable Literacy Coach for support in using this tool.

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