Absence Letter (Nudge Attendance Letter) Report and sending through School Messenger

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Step 1: Run Absence Letter Report

  1. To run the report: School View > Student Top Tab > Reports > Absence Letter
  2. Change YTD Attendance Percentage if need be, and then click Run
This report could take some time to run.

Step 2: Uploading Absence letter to School Messenger

  1. Log in to school Messenger https://asp.schoolmessenger.com/bostonpublicschools/samllogin.php
  2. Go to Broadcasts > SDD
  3. Click Create New Templated Document
  4. Type a Name for the documents
  5. Click the dropdown for Template and click Absence Letters
  6. Click Choose file and find the absence letter file on your device
  7. Click Upload
  8. Click Show matched IDs
  9. Click Done after reviewing Students are being Matched

Step 3: Sending a Broadcast for Absence Letters to parents

  1. Click Send Email
  2. Enter Broadcast name
  3. Click Attendance for Broadcast Type
  4. Click Associated Guardians for Target Recipients
  5. Modify Schedule information, as needed
  6. Enter information for Email Details
  7. Click Proceed To Confirmation
  8. Review information, and then click Submit

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