How to Report a Broken Chromebook (School view)

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  1. The first step is to open Home Page - One2One Manager and click Create Incident
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  1. Click the Search box and enter a student name, number, or device barcode number.
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3. Click Create Incident under the device that has the issue.

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4. Click Select the Incident Type

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5. Select Needs Repair to record a broken Chromebook.

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6. Check the issues with the Chromebook. You can select multiple issues at once.

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7. Describe the issue in the text box.

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8. Scroll down and enter the Loaner Device information if you want to assign a replacement device at the same time.

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9. Check off the notification boxes if you would like to send email notifications.

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10. Click Create Incident and you're done!

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Here's an interactive tutorial

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